The Electronic Hand Throttle
from KYOCERA AVX Components (Werne)

The electronic hand throttle is a direct communications interface with the driver. An integrated sensor continuously indicates the position of the electronic throttle grip, and this information is transferred from the sensor to the control unit very quickly and accurately. The control unit communicates with an actuator at the throttle flap, which will open or close according to the sensor signal. A complex process chain follows that will influence engine management.

In addition to ensuring engine efficiency, several features are provided for safety and comfort, and these are driven by signals from the very same sensor in the hand throttle. The complexity of these processes creates a need for technologies that are precisely designed to the individual needs of each customer application.

Constant improvement of technologies supports additional features
Electronic hand throttles have largely replaced mechanical modules with Bowden cables. Controlling the powertrain with an electronic solution is much more precise, and therefore invaluable in meeting proposed exhaust emission standards, as well as providing additional features such as signals for regenerative braking in E-bikes.

Position sensors are integrated into the latest generation of electronic hand throttles, which convert the angle of the rotary handle into an electronic signal. This way, the signal can be sent directly to the control unit without loss. The sensors used in KYOCERA AVX electronic hand throttles deploy contactless ‘Hall effect’ technology. The signals are transferred very rapidly, with stability and high accuracy, fully satisfying the requirements of cutting edge vehicles. The EMC immunity and signal quality meet the highest standards in our customers’ premium applications, and allow very efficient individual customer designs.

Electronic hand throttle – High demand for flexibility
Electronic hand throttles from KYOCERA AVX are distinguished by their electronic design and high flexibility in special customer applications. They are proven in the market, and are in series production for market leading OEMs.

Innovativeness and Experience:

  • Electronic hand throttles supplied since 2010
  • High robustness against external magnetic fields
  • Possibility of ASIL C if required

Typical Features and Benefits:

  • Contactless sensor technology (based on Hall technology)
  • 5V supply voltage
  • Two independent output signals
  • Output signal programmable
  • Low weight
  • High reliability
  • High protection level
  • Left hand throttle available
  • Developed for vehicles from Euro 4 or BS6 standard

More Information about Hand Throttles:

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Our Hand throttles support the future mobility:

Safety, comfort and emission reduction as well as electromobility.