Differential Pressure Sensor

KYOCERA AVX Components (Dresden)´s differential pressure sensor was developed to detect pressure differences in gaseous media (such as diesel exhaust) and back pressure. It has high long-term stability and is not influenced by its environment / atmosphere. The sensor is particularly useful for commercial vehicles and off-road applications.

Using two ceramic pressure cells there is no need to extra cover it against exhaust gas (no gel). Thanks to very high sophisticated internal electronics that differential pressure sensor is extraordinarily exact. Mechanic and electric interface can be designed according to customer needs. That sensor can provide in parallel the system pressure up stream or down stream.

Typical Applications

It can be used at Diesel particulate filter as well as in Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems

Special Features

  • Two single pressure cells
  • Al2O3 ceramic
  • Long term stabile
  • Low tolerance values
  • Parallel release of back pressure possible

Exhaust After-Treatment

Emission exhaust-gas-technology is one of our core competence and we have several years of experience in mass production for EURO4 and EURO5 as well as Tier4i and f engines.

Products like high-temperature sensors with integrated electronic, freeze protected pressure sensors and AdBlue quality sensors are invariably powerful and provide excellent cost-benefit ratios, which are dedicated to the applications of leading OEM´s in transportation segment.

More Information About Our Differential Pressure Sensors

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