Over Moulded Speed Sensor

Robust solutions for camshaft and crankshaft applications

This new generation of speed sensors provides maximum ruggedness against vibration and external interference. Using an optimized manufacturing process based on commercially available direct over moulding, the sensor components are first assembled and subsequently encapsulated in strong plastic, providing a completely airtight and watertight package. This innovative production process results in a reduced component count and a shortened production process.

Development of this type of sensor was driven by the concept of robust construction resulting in a significantly higher performance, optimized for accuracy, reliability and durability. In addition, the effects of temperature and humidity are minimized.

Speed_Sensor_94416_mit ring

Special Features

  • Highly robust construction
  • Immunity from external interference
  • Compact design
  • Reduced cost
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • Minimal moisture absorption
  • Extremely airtight and watertight
  • Mechanical stability to temperature variation (stable characteristics up to 190 °C)
  • Dimensional stability (high stability, low thermal expansion)
  • Homogeneous thermal expansion (except magnetic)


  • Camshaft sensors
  • Crankshaft sensors
  • SPINpad technology

Alternative descriptions

  • Innovative manufacturing processes
  • optimized direct over moulding
  • robust speed sensor construction

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