Temperature Sensors from
KYOCERA AVX Components (Dresden)

Our temperature sensors determine temperature reliably, quickly and precisely in liquid or gaseous media such as water, oil, fuel, inlet air and charge air. Modular designs and robust housings with integrated elements and can detect temperatures ranging up to +1,200 °C.

Temperature Sensor with NTC To 250 °C

Our temperature sensors combine proven measurement technology with optimum adaptation to their designated task. For temperatures up to 250 °C, our sensors are based on an NTC: A resistance element whose value changes with temperature. This is the classic ‘hot conductor’: the higher the temperature, the lower the resistance. Sensors with this technology offer very short response times and minimum measuring tolerances. In liquid media such as cooling water, directly in the cylinder head, in the charge air of an engine or in transmission oil, this accuracy enables the OEM to exploit the tolerances of systems and activate reserves in them. Notably, the clean design of the thermal connection to solid substrates makes our temperature sensors  the perfect match for new drive solutions such as electric motors or battery systems.

Temperature Sensor Based on PT 200 Technology up to 800 °C

This sensor is based on a passive resistance measuring element that responds with different resistance values at different temperatures. Platinum is used as the resistance material as this element is characterised by a nominal resistance of 200 Ohm at 0 °C (PT-200). The most important advantage of this high temperature sensor is its robust design. The measuring element is embedded in a monolithically closed tube made of a special stainless steel using a particular ceramic powder mixture. The bubble-free filling of the sensor tip ensures that motor vibrations do not pose a threat to the sensor’s service life. In addition, the sensor can be bent from 0 to 120°C. Specially developed seals guarantee a long service life even under the harshest environmental conditions in and around the exhaust pipe.

High Temperature Sensor up to 1,200 °C

Our sensor for high temperature has been specially adapted to the requirements of automotive applications and only use welded or soldered connections to avoid signal interruption. Protective housings at the sensor tip are made exclusively from high-temperature-resistant stainless steel, using deep-draw technology. The sensors can be attached to the exhaust pipe with a union nut or hollow screw of various dimensions. Cable shields are used to allow high temperature resistance measurements in the vicinity of exhaust pipes. Users can choose between different digital interfaces. To date, we have implemented PWM, SENT and CAN (according to SAE J1939). Like the entire sensor, the electronics unit offers protection class IP6K9K (with its mating connector). This sensor is suitable for temperature measurements in the range -40 to 1,200 °C. With these characteristics, the sensor can be used at any point in the exhaust pipe of petrol engines. Manufacturers of turbo-charged vehicle engines can also use this sensor in the exhaust manifold (before the turbocharger) to warn against excessive temperatures, which can be dangerous for the turbocharger.

Petrol Engines: Double High Temperature Sensors for Euro 6c

With the introduction of the latest emission standard (EURO 6c), direct-injection petrol engines must also be equipped with particulate filters for the first time. These use slightly different regeneration processes that, while similar to the particulate filters in diesel engines, need to operate at higher temperatures and require temperature measurements at two points. Precisely for this application, we have developed a thermocouple sensor as a double module that combine two sensors with one electronics unit. Apart from cost benefits, this allows the sensors to be matched with tolerances of +/- 1 °C

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Exhaust system, Exhaust Pipe, DPF, Diesel Particulate Filter, Soot filter, Turbo charger, Engines, Powertrain, Boost air, Off-Highway, Heavy-Duty Applications, Diesel Oxidations catalyst, Gasoline Particulate filter, Particulate filter, Gear box, Exhaust manifold

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