Accelerator Pedals
from KYOCERA AVX Components (Werne)

The accelerator pedal is one of the few direct interfaces between vehicle and driver. Your brand reputation depends on the performance of this important module. The use of modular basic components provides KYOCERA AVX’s accelerator pedals with a proven platform, which we customize with easily integrated additional functions for customer specific applications.

Keyword: driver communication. Our haptic add-on modules are easy to adapt to existing pedal designs, and offer direct communication with the driver’s foot. You will also find many proven solutions in our Hand Throttles product line for two-wheelers.

Several Interesting Aspects not Apparent at First Glance:

Driver Assistance with Active Accelerator Pedal – Haptic Prompts

Active pedal communicates via haptic signals with the driver

This kind of communication bypasses the in any case very stimulus-saturated optical and acoustic communication levels and reaches the driver directly, e.g. through vibration or knocking of the accelerator pedal. Typical features include the support of distance warning systems, speed-related applications and other assistants. Deployment in combination with efficiency parameters is possible too, especially in big vehicle fleets.
An uneconomic driving style can be linked both to an indication of increased fuel consumption as well as an indication to change the drive systems in hybrid or electric vehicles.

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Magnetic Kick-Down - Comfort Even on long Trips!

Magnetic kick-down assists foot support and prevents unintentional gear changing.
In modern commercial vehicles in particular the kick-down plays a crucial role in selecting gears in automatic transmissions. KYOCERA AVX’s magnetic version, which creates effective added value with regard to fuel economy and ergonomics, has proven its worth here.

The magnetic force provided ensures that the kick-down is not triggered even on bad roads, e.g. by any unintentional foot rocking. This means the driver can relax with his foot on the pedal without causing any potential false actuation - a significant ergonomic advantage on long trips. This cannot be achieved with mechanical solutions and unintentional gear changing occurs repeatedly whenever the pedal engine control receives the signal that acceleration is to be initiated. This leads to increased fuel consumption and wear. When deliberately exceeded the magnetic kick-down effects a safe change in gear, due to the combination of the steep edge forces in this kind of kick-down and the specially adjusted programming of the sensor signal curve.

More Information about Accelerator Pedals:

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Typical applications of our technologies are:
Gas pedal pedals and electronic hand throttle twist grips

Our pedals and hand throttle modules support the focal points of future mobility:
Safety, comfort, emission reduction, electromobility, energy efficiency.