Pressure Sensors
from KYOCERA AVX Components (Dresden)

Our pressure sensors are noted for their robustness and are specially adapted to the specific measuring task, detecting pressures in liquid and gaseous media e.g. water, oil, fuel, exhaust gas or in compressed air systems. Bespoke designs mean that each user can get the product ideally suited for their needs.

Screw-In Pressure Sensors

The basic design of our pressure sensors is still the screw-in pressure sensor. Thread sizes from M10 to M18 have been produced to date. Special thread sizes and designs, such as UNC or NPT threads, can also be implemented. Depending on the requirements of the substrate, screw-in housings may be made of dissimilar metals (e.g., brass or stainless steel).

For pressure measuring cells, we rely mostly on piezo resistive ceramic pressure cells manufactured in house. Monolithic pressure cells offer several advantages. Due to the very wide media compatibility of the Al2O3 ceramic construction, expensive sensor protection measures such as separation membranes or special coatings can be dispensed with. The unsurpassed elasticity gives our pressure sensors a very long life with several million pressure cycles. Screw-in pressure sensors are crowned by integrated plugs, which in turn are available in various designs.

Conducted Pressure Sensors / Special Design

For series production in the medium to high volume range, it is practical to produce pressure sensors that are specially designed for specific measurement tasks, as well as to certain installation conditions. Our designers have wide experience of packing proven and robust ceramic pressure cells into special housings. This can include: a pressure line integrated all-plastic pressure sensor, contact pressure sensors combinable with a temperature sensor, or as a full system integrated pressure sensor in a stainless steel design. Our special pressure sensors provide optimum added value for volume solutions. In such cases, the design is developed exclusively in collaboration with the customer. The basis for the design of the sensor system is a consistent "design-to-cost" approach.

Differential Pressure Sensors

Differential pressure sensors for difficult measuring tasks - especially in the exhaust gas area - are another AB Elektronik speciality. Due to their high robustness and repeatability, these differential pressure sensors are very popular, especially in the commercial vehicle sector. At the core of these sensors are two independent ceramic pressure cells, whose individually recorded pressure values are combined into a differential value. Through this approach, the pressure cells can be used directly in the measuring medium, which in turn has a positive effect on the cost. The differential pressure signal is provided very accurately with tolerances below 1%. A further advantage is that a further pressure sensor signal (for example dynamic pressure) can be output from a differential pressure sensor without additional cost.

The integrated electronic amplifier and signal conditioning circuit works reliably even under the high temperature loads in the engine compartment: up to 150 °C.


Combined Pressure Temperature Sensors
Very often the measuring positions for pressure and temperature are very close to each other; it is then practical to combine the two individual sensors into a combined sensor. The advantages are obvious: elimination of a measuring point (an opening in the system), elimination of an electric cable, and the possibility of generating a digital temperature and pressure signal.
In applications such as these, AB Elektronik´s experience in designing temperature and pressure sensors comes into its own.

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Typical applications of our sensors are:

Exhaust system, DPF, diesel particulate filter, soot filter, turbocharger, engines, powertrain, exhaust pipe, off-highway u. Heavy-duty applications, particle filters, gearboxes, exhaust manifolds

Products from this area are also known under the following keywords:

Pressure sensor, oil pressure sensor, combined pressure and temperature sensor, exhaust gas sensors, differential pressure sensor, compressed air, standard pressure sensor, semiconductor sensor, Whitstone bridge, ceramic pressure sensor

Our sensors support the focus of future mobility:

Emission reduction, e-mobility, energy efficiency