SPINpad Position Sensor Technology for high speed rotary applications

In Battery Electric and Hybrid vehicles a fast and accurate rotor position measurement is essential for efficient E-motor controls. A precise position signal from stand still (0 rpm) to maximum rotation speed (100,000 rpm) is required for a high torque and high efficiency of the traction drive and for more power and extended driving range of the vehicle.

KYOCERA AVX has developed a new kind of resolver based on an active system in a two PCB design. The High Speed Rotation Position Technology HSRP is based on KYOCERA AVX´s mature Autopad®-technology, which is established since 2007 and many million products in field. As the next step in development the new antenna system of the SPINpad and the development of a new IC allows the accurate high speed measurement for the E-motors.

The main components of the inductive system are the static element called Pad, a PCB with its transmitting and receiving antennas and the rotating target as an activated resonant element. The sensor is characterized in its flat envelope, minimal weight and its minimal impact on the rotation and acceleration.

The technology allows a very flexible adaption to the potential E-Mobility applications:

  • In Resolvers
  • Engines in electric and hybrid vehicles
  • electric Power Steering
  • active suspension systems

and many more.

Geometrically it can be designed either as a circular On-Axis as also a segmented Off-Axis setup. Through shaft and end of shaft locations can be realized. Additionally to the small axial dimension diameter of about 30 mm to several 100 mm are possible. Furthermore regarding accuracy targets and signal requirements the design can be optimized. For best robustness in assembly and against geometrical deviations in the motor, the system allows self-compensating functions.

Driven by a 5 V DC supply voltage the MCU can be reduced to one voltage level. Transmitting on trigger frequencies by about 4 MHz, magnetic fields of the E-motor don´t have an effect on the measurement. Due to its immunity a shielding against the E-motor can be eliminated for a reduction of components and less required assembly space. For safety critical applications the senor is developed according ISO 26262. Combined with KYOCERA AVX´s innovative encapsulation technology the SPINpad is robust against the harsh environment of transmission oils.

Special features of SPINpad:

  • Flexible designs, can be matched to motor pole-pairs giving positional accuracy < 0.5deg electrical
  • Different targets available
  • Signal immediately after power on
  • High speed up to 100,000 rpm
  • Ready for ASIL C (D) or with redundant measurement ASIL D (D)
  • Immune to low frequency magnetic fields
  • Small package size, flat design
  • Temperature range: -40 °C to 160 °C


The SPINpad technology offers a wide field of applications in engine and vehicle mounting area or drive train of hybrid or electric vehicles, from cars and trucks to off road vehicles. Application is possible on all rotating shafts (crankshaft, camshaft, wheels and gears). The new technology can replace existing systems where higher speed and accuracy are required. In addition, as a combined system the sensor can meet new system requirements of saving weight, space and costs.

SPINpad as a resolver

SPINpad sensors from KYOCERA AVX offer different output signals/protocols, and can be individually designed according to customer-specific requirements. We currently offer our customers sensors with analogue output signals (differential or single-ended). In the near future, we’ll be able to add additional digital output interfaces (PSI5, SENT, SPC, SPI, etc.). Significant cost advantages are possible due to a reduction in the overall number of product lines required. In addition, the sensors have a higher resistance to EMC interference within the customer's installation space, and all relevanten criteria for ASIL D requirements are fulfilled.

SPINpad as a combined sensor
In addition to the possible applications mentioned, other combinations of characteristics can be implemented according to customer requirements.

More information about our SPINpad:

Find technical details in our Fast Fact Sheets

Typical applications of our SPINpad technology are:

Engines in electric and hybrid vehicles, electric Power Steering, active suspension systems

Products from this area are also known under the following keywords:

Inductive position sensor, accurate sensing of the rotor position, High Speed Rotation sensor, Rotor position sensor

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Safety, Comfort, E-mobilty