High Temperature Sensors For Exhaust After-Treatment

KYOCERA AVX Components (Dresden)´s technical solution is based on a integrated element and can detect temperatures ranging up to +1,100 °C with short response times.

How It Works

Any change in temperature causes the sensor resistance to change, which the customer’s analysis circuit then detects and feeds into the control circuit. KYOCERA AVX Components (Dresden) uses a special method for embedding the sensor securely and permanently in a robust but lightweight stainless steel enclosed tube.

Typical Applications

A versatile temperature sensor suitable for a wide range of exhaust pipe systems and other mechanical fasteners/connectors.

Special Features

  • Suitable for all prevalent temperatures in the area of diesel exhaust gas
  • Corrosion-proof

Exhaust After-Treatment

Emission exhaust-gas-technology is one of our core competence and we have several years of experience in mass production for EURO4 and EURO5 as well as Tier4i and f engines.

Products like high-temperature sensors with integrated electronic, freeze protected pressure sensors and AdBlue quality sensors are invariably powerful and provide excellent cost-benefit ratios, which are dedicated to the applications of leading OEM´s in transportation segment.

More Information About Our High Temperature Sensors

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