Sensors for Chassis Applications

Chassis solutions for more safety and comfort
The function of modern chassis applications requires sensors which, by short response times and high accuracies, contribute to optimising driving comfort and security.
Besides a wide range of robust sensors, we offer position sensors with multi-functional design as well as innovative steering sensors in contactless technology.

Temperature Sensors for Chassis Applications

Intelligent sensor-concepts for fast and precise temperature detection also in demanding applications
Temperature sensors by KYOCERA AVX are reliable, fast and precise in liquid and gaseous media such as water, oil, fuel, intake air and charge air.
With more than 20 years of experience in developing and producing temperature sensors we are well positioned as partners to wellknown OEMs and Tier 1 / 2 suppliers in the automotive industry.

Technologies and special features

  • Housing: plastic, metal (brass), steel
  • Technology: NTC, PTC, thermocouples
  • Temperature range -40 °C to +155 °C / +170 °C / +220 °C / +300 °C
  • Optional programmable electronic interface (digital interface)
  • Plug, measuring element, mechanic and electric interface according to customer requirements
  • Low-weight miniature versions due to minimised metal content
  • Long-lasting robustness against vibrations and dust / humidity
  • Thermal decoupling for excellent accuracy of measurement


Temperature sensor for detection of outdoor temperature

Available with programmable interface


In door temperature sensor for air-conditioning systems
Available with programmable Interface

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Pressure Sensors for Chassis Applications

Last generation pressure sensors are absolutely solid and have excellent long-lived characteristics. They win by their modular-building-concept and can be integrated into customer systems easily
KYOCERA AVX offers a great number of innovative and robust solutions for measuring pressure in different media. Due to flexible configurations, our pressure sensor modules can easily be integrated into customer-specific systems.
Particularly powerful engines in trucks, work machines, and agriculture applications require permanent monitoring in different media. A great variety of different basic technologies enables us to optimally suit sensor features to the respective customer application.


  • Ceramic measuring cell
  • Semiconductor measuring cell
  • Pressure range: 0 … 0.5 bar to 0 … 60 bar
  • Temperature range: -40 °C to +125 °C / +150 °C
  • Connectors according to customer specification

Air pressure sensor for detection of the axle load and control of air suspension

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Position Sensors for Chassis Applications

A wide range of technology know-how enables position detection for versatile applications
KYOCERA AVX has been developing and producing position sensors based on different technologies since 1990. This developments include Autopad® our proprietary contactless inductive technology.
With a large portfolio of patents, KYOCERA AVX is a well-known supplier for large-volume production for car and truck applications. We also have medium- and small-volume production for specialpurpose vehicles and agriculture applications.

Special features

Application examples

The standard solution: The inductive height level sensor (IHSS) from KYOCERA AVX records this information precisely and reliably, even under harsh environmental conditions.

As a height sensor combined with a linkage, the angle sensor with the detection of the chassis level on the vehicle is used for headlamp leveling or control of active suspensions. Other applications that are connected to a linkage (e.g. clutch and brake pedal) can also use the HSS.

The slim solution for special flexibility: Today’s inductive approach can be replaced with available differential Hall ICs, using a magnetic target without compromising magnetic interference field sensitivity. This technological leap allows a more compact construction with a slimmer design. The modular design mans that even customer specific design requirements - including different lever and connector concepts - can easily be taken into account.

Our experience in a wide variety of applications has shown that they may have very different requirements in terms of stability, integration, installation space requirements and many other details. For example, height sensors in a current design often cannot be ideally positioned, and for space reasons cannot be protected from ambient conditions with poles. In particular, the ball joint connection must often be designed to meet these demanding requirements and is subject to heavy mechanical stress from rockfall, ice, sand, salt etc. throughout its service life.

Individual solutions are our strength.
Together we will find the best option for your project.

Sensors and controls for the precise and fast response of modern transmissions.

Temperature. Pressure. Level. Quality. Speed. Position. Sensors, Pedals and Control Units from KYOCERA AVX reliably monitor and control customer-specific applications with high accuracy.