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Since 2005, KYOCERA AVX (Salzburg) has developed and manufactured customer-specific LED modules based on a wide range of technologies. Modules with a high level of miniaturisation combined with excellent thermal management play a major role in satisfying the demands of severe environmental conditions or challenging applications.

Specialisation in precision mounting (±50 µm) of single LEDs and LED arrays is one of our core competences, along with design of integrated modules. Development and production of the LED modules from a single source allows rapid progress from the start of a project to the start of production.

To meet the high requirements of LED applications in the automotive industry, the latest packaging technologies are used, capitalising on diverse substrate and gluing technologies.
Moreover, we can supply our customers directly from the most important automotive markets (Europe, China, NAFTA).


LED-Precision-Mounting replaces LED-Arrays with single LED-Chips. The process enables
the individual placement of Single-Chip-LEDs with a positioning accuracy
of ± 80µm of the light emitting area while enabling individual lighting illustration.

Special Features and Benefits:

  • Economically priced Single-Chip-LEDs replace the LED-Chip-Arrays
    while maintaining the placement accuracy (± 80µm)
  • Individual design of the light design
  • Individual control of single LEDs possible
  • Design for Matrix-headlamps

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Typical applications of our LED technology are:

The customer-specific LED modules for lighting applications in the automotive front area are used for high beam, dipped beam, turn signal, cornering light, daytime running light, side marker light, boundary light, cornering light, motorway light and spot light. A special feature here are “Adaptive Lighting Systems (AFS)” and matrix headlamps, i.e. headlamp systems that automatically adapt to the respective traffic and ambient light conditions.

Products from this area are also known under the following keywords:

LED module, thermal management, precision assembly, packaging and interconnection technology, substrate technology, LED chip arrays, single LEDs

The LED precision assembly technology offers an alternative to:

IMS, Metal core PCB, Sub-mount LED, Wire Bonding, Ribbon Bonding

Our controls support the focal points of future mobility:

Safety and comfort