LED Modules for Automotive Headlight Applications
from KYOCERA AVX Components (Salzburg)

Latest module technology offers efficient use of high power LEDs as well as the control of the desired light function. A new mounting technology allows a ± 80 µm precise mounting in reference to the chip centre.

Special Features

  • Thermal management (increases the life time and efficiency of LEDs)
  • 3-D-assembly of LEDs on application specific heat sinks
  • Various substrate technologies possible, e.g. PCB / ceramic / aluminium substrate Anotherm Plus®
  • Design freedom for high recall value

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Typical applications of our LED technology are:
The customer specific LED modules for lighting applications in the automotive front are used inter alia for high beam, low beam, indicator, bending light, daytime running light, side marker, position light, cornering light, highway light and spot light. Especially to mention are here `Advanced Frontlighting Systems (AFS)´, which are head light systems adapting automatically to the present traffic and ambient light conditions.

Products from this area are also known under the following keywords:
LED-module, sub-assembly, light-engine, headlamp, rear light, LED-substrate

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