OBC - On Board Charger

The On Board Charger (OBC) from KYOCERA AVX (Salzburg) is an industry leading solution with very high power density in a small package. Its proven design is ready as a plug-n-play solution or can be customized, depending on customer needs.

  Special characteristics

  • Water- or air-cooled versions available
  • EVSE communication (CP/PP):
  • In accordance with SAEJ1772 and IEC 61851
  • Vehicle communication: CAN 2.0B / CAN-FD
  • Designed to ASIL-C and ISO26262 standards

  In development

  • Bi-directional variant: vehicle → consumers                                       
  • PLC fast charging function

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  On Board Charger

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Our controls support the focal areas of future mobility: Electromobility

Application-specific data

3.3 kW

6.6 kW

11 kW

AC input voltage

85 VAC – 264 VAC

Input current

> 32 A

Frequency range

49 – 61 Hz

DC output voltage

150 VDC – 420 VDC

DC output power

3.3 kW

6.6 kW

11 kW

DC output current

< 10 A

< 20 A

< 40 A

Electromobility - Sensors and Controls

As electromobility gains more and more importance, we too want to be actively involved and support our customers at this environmentally friendly alternative to conventional vehicles. We offer solutions for electro and hybrid vehicles according to customer specific application.

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