Sensing & Control

We develop and produce intelligent sensor systems and control units for the global automotive industry. On state of the art and even beyond. Our products make engines more efficient, emissions cleaner, cars safer and help the transition to electromobility.

Temperature. Pressure. Level. Quality. Speed. Position. Sensors, pedals and control units by KYOCERA AVX are monitoring customer specific applications with high reliability and accuracy.

Emission reduction, safety, comfort.
KYOCERA AVX´s solutions are monitoring key automotive applications in combustion or alternative drives.

Pioneering innovative mobility.
Key technologies from KYOCERA AVX offer ideal solutions for customer-specific designs.

Latest News

Our companies are being globally integrated into KYOCERA AVX Components starting on October 1st 2021. This process will go along with names changes in our locations and also our new brand logo will be introduced.  For more information, please visit…

Novel power electronics for OnBoard Chargers, DC-DC Converters and Solar Inverters Technology with a particularly high power density of more than 3kW/litre, enables among other things, a significant reduction in charging times for electric vehicles.KYOCERA AVX Components (Salzburg) has been…

Position sensors by KYOCERA AVX support ASIL D capable assistance systems for braking force control and recuperation KYOCERA AVX stands for the development and worldwide production of position sensors based on versatile technologies, and with different electronic interfaces. Our position…

A High Speed Rotation Position Sensing Technology for next generation mobility.

Highly efficient matrix beam solutions for electromobility

Our acellerator pedal reaches the driver directly, e.g. through vibration or knocking of the accelerator pedal.

Magneto-inductive sensor technology for sophisticated linear postion sensing.

A direct communications interface with the driver - An integrated sensor continuously indicates the position of the electronic throttle grip, and this information is transferred from the sensor to the control unit very quickly and accurately. Video presentation

A special pressure sensor designed for use at the fuel tank of hybrid-electric vehicles is the latest development from the specialists for ceramic pressure measuring cells.

For fast, safe and noiseless disconnection with high-performance electric vehicle batteries.