Electric Smart Switch for 48 V, 470 V and 810 V

This smart semiconductor-based switch developed by KYOCERA AVX (Salzburg) ensures a fast, safe, and noiseless switching of DC networks. This is available as a standard module or also as a customer-specific design.

Due to high requirements and increased integration of additional safety-relevant features in the vehicle electrical system architecture, a semiconductor-based solution can provide marked advantages when compared to a mechanical relay, including considerably higher switching speeds. Particularly in the event of a short circuit, every microsecond counts in order to guarantee a safe disconnect. The Electric Smart Switch protects the supply circuit during charging and discharging bi-directionally in the event of overcharging or a short circuit. In addition, the Electric Smart Switch permits the pre-charging of the DC network to enhance the service life of system components.

Special characteristics

  • Uni-directional / Bi-directional design
  • Scalable performance design architecture
  • Integrated logic (temperature measurement, current measurement in Generation 2)
  • Overcurrent detection and safe shutdown in the event of a short circuit
  • Pre-charging of on-board networks by means of clocked switching
  • Variable cooling connection
  • Customer-specific interfaces (electrical, mechanical)
  • Qualified according to ECPE AGQ 324 (planned)
  • Maximum current capacity and low resistance

 Typical applications

  • Battery Switch
  • Battery Systems (Battery Disconnect Units)
  • DC Circuit Breakers

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 Electrical Smart Switch

Products from this area are also known under the following keywords:
Solid-state relay, e-relay, circuit breaker, battery switch, e-fuse, disconnect switch, power switch

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Electromobility, safety in an emergency, autonomous driving, industrial applications, H2 applications / drives, fuel cell vehicles

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Application-specific data


48 V

470 V

810 V


500 A

750 A

750 A


-40 °C – 175 °C

Switch-off time in the event of a short circuit

2 µs

Active short circuit protection

2.000 A

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As electromobility gains more and more importance, we too want to be actively involved and support our customers at this environmentally friendly alternative to conventional vehicles. We offer solutions for electro and hybrid vehicles according to customer specific application.

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