Ready For An Upgrade? New Generation Haptic Pedal Allows Additional Mounting Of Haptic Modules

Accelerator pedals from KYOCERA AVX Components (Werne) are characterized by their low requirement for mounting space and their low weight. The latest generation of hanging pedals can also be mounted with haptic modules.

Our haptic accelerators use actuators that are ideally suited for the ever smaller space available in customers’ applications, while maintaining a low overall weight.

The actuator for hanging pedals
forms an upgrade to our today’s accelerator pedals. One design – two options. The basic design deploys a smart actuator which, being smaller than other commercial designs, can be retrofitted into the existing mounting space at any time. The use of the actuator with its corresponding control system generates a double pulse on the force characteristic curve. The driver feels the pulse and, depending on use, is prompted to change gear in order to reduce fuel consumption.

This gives our customers the maximum possible flexibility in equipping their vehicles. The mounting space does not have to be modified to accommodate our passive accelerator pedal plus actuator, achieving haptic communication with the driver. 

The actuator system for standing pedals
is an integral part of the pedal design, and sets a benchmark in terms of its size and weight – less than 500 grams. The increase in power that the driver feels when, for example, the drive changes from battery power to combustion engine, is accompanied by a pedal force increase of at least 10 Newton. The compact design is extremely robust and can be configured optimally for customer specific applications.

AB basic pedals and pedals with haptic feedback are designed based on extensive experience, and are characterized by the following features:

  • Compact design
  • Low weight
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise system
  • Cost effective system

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